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What does a Sealed knot event look like?

Slannings at a local event

Sir Nicholas Slanning Hys Regiment of Foote is a group of people, who with their friends in the Sealed Knot, re-enact battles of the English Civil Wars (1642-51). The Sealed Knot organisation is an educational charity founded in the late 1960’s which puts on performances for the general public, at historic sites, so they may understand this crucial part of British history. We are the largest and original re-enactment society and due to this size we are organised into regiments.

Our regiment dates back to the late 1970’s, we still have a couple of original members. Some of our members have been members over 30yrs but most people have joined along the way. We are family orientated having a lot of kids and families but we also have young members and the young at heart. The regiment is like an extended family of people from all walks of life. “Slannings” are known through the Sealed Knot for: tenacity on the field; singing in the evenings; “Slannings breakfast” and a strong representation of equal opportunities.

Our members come from all over the country, although a lot of members are still based around Plymouth, we have a large contingent in South Wales as well as members in the Home Counties, Hampshire, Yorkshire and the Midlands. Events are hosted all around the British Isles so geography is never an issue to us meeting up for a good time. Thank you for visiting our site, please take your time looking through the pages to get a better understanding of who we are and what we do. We really love our hobby and would love for you to come and join the fun.


Getting involved with the sport and excitement of the event”

Friendship and camaraderie”